Welcome to CYRES Consulting


Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly digital, connected and complex. As connections continue to grow, users' comfort increases noticeably - however, so does the risk of systematic hacker attacks. If connected products also represent security-relevant systems whose malfunctions may expose users to dangerous or deadly situations, the risk is even higher. Autonomous driving is one such system. Companies offering connected products therefore need to protect these adequately - particularly over the product's entire lifecycle. 

In order to manage these challenges international companies rely on our expertise. CYRES Consulting is a young, dynamic company placing its expertise in embedded systems security at the disposal of leading OEMs in the automotive industry and their suppliers. Together, we guarantee the security of tomorrow's mobility.


What is special about us?

Our clear embedded systems focus: Our origin are embedded systems, not IT. Because IT security is NOT the same as embedded cyber security. IT security has protected server systems for decades whereas embedded cyber security is a completely new framework that is subject to high legal, political and ethical changes.

Our dynamic team: The dynamics of CYRES Consulting as an agile and growing company is just right to keep pace with times. We are experienced industry experts who strive to push forward with a pioneering spirit.


Why "CYRES"?

Our name embodies our ideology as well as the passion with which we shape tomorrow's technology trends day after day: We aim to safely design complex embedded systems such as control units in vehicles or controllers in medical devices. These systems need to be designed resilient against cyber attacks by hackers. Our idea of a consulting company that supports customers in creating CYber Resilient Embedded Systems was born and CYRES Consulting was launched.