UN Regulation No. 155 is in force: A detailed look at requirements affecting the supply chain

📅 Date: August 18th, 2022

⏰ Time: 3:30 pm (CEST / UTC +2)

In this webcast, you will get a detailed look on how the UN Regulation No. 155 and associated standard affects the entire automotive value chain and answers to your questions like: “Are we fully compliant to UN R155?”, “What about CSMS certification?”, “What is required from suppliers?”. Get a first reliable understanding on the UN R155 in our next free webcast.

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    Compliance with UN Regulation No. 155: A topic for the entire automotive value chain

    Noncompliance to the UN Regulation No. 155 is pressuring the automotive industry to address cybersecurity with a tough sales ban in all 64 UNECE member countries. Now, after the UN Regulation No. 155 came into effect on July, 2022 for all new vehicle type approvals, more than ever is compliance crucial for continued business.

    Throughout our experience working on implementing the UN Regulation No. 155 for both OEMs and suppliers, we have luckily seen that rarely do processes, methods, and organizational factors must be created from scratch. The main question is, what is relevant for my organization as an OEM? What is relevant for my organization as supplier? This is where the line is blurred in terms of understanding the requirements of the UN Regulation No. 155 for each player in the automotive value chain.

    As we have repeatedly gone over the hundreds of pages from the UN R155 regulation and supported organizations ensure compliance with the UN R155 and CSMS implementation, during this webcast you will get reliable clarifications on the specific demands relevant to your organization as an OEM or supplier.

    Understanding the specific demands for your organization is essential to remain competitive and be able to do business worldwide, as cybersecurity in product development is becoming a key success factor for organizations around the globe. From our experience, we recommend to always plan enough time ahead and perform pre-audits like the CYRES Consulting Gap Analysis, which analyzes your organization’s status quo in regard to UN Regulation No. 155, ISO/SAE 21434, and ISO PAS 5112. More details will be given during the free informational webcast. Register now.

    Gain reliable UN Regulation No. 155 insights with CYRES Consulting

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    Reliable source of knowledge

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    We turn practice into knowledge

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    Get actionable recommendations

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    Your offer on Gap Analysis is very interesting, how can I get more information?

    We’re delighted to hear you would already like to have more information on our Gap Analysis. If you’re planning on complying with UN Regulation No. 155, ISO/SAE 21434 or ISO PAS 5112, please contact the CYRES Consulting team here.

    The UN Regulation No. 155 live informational webcast is ideal for all cybersecurity roles


    Learn how to develop and maintain a strategic cybersecurity culture according to legal regulations in your organization.


    Learn how and where to implement cybersecurity measures into projects from initial project kick-off to its final completion.


    Learn about implementation methods and technical integration of cybersecurity features into your systems and products.



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