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As digitization in the automotive industry becomes more imminent, the question of whether a component or item is cybersecurity relevant becomes more recurring. On the “Development Overview & Cybersecurity Relevance” video course this question is answered. Learn whether the application of ISO/SAE 21434 is relevant for an item or component and get an overview on cybersecurity integration activities during development.

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Get a Clearer Guidance on Development and Defining Cybersecurity Relevance

Knowing whether an item or component is cybersecurity relevant is key to correctly derive the work products required by ISO/SAE 21434 and define costs and efforts in projects at a further step.

When watching this video course, you will first understand the most important activities related to integrating cybersecurity during the concept and product development phases in accordance to ISO/SAE 21434.

Once there is a common understanding of the cybersecurity development phase, you will learn how you can analyze whether a component is cybersecurity relevant at all as required by the ISO/SAE 21434.

Since the ISO/SAE 21434 does not provide clear criteria for defining cybersecurity relevance, this video is particularly important as it provides a clearer guidance by presenting a proposed analysis and key questions that determine cybersecurity relevance.

Please note: This video is based on content from ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering.

Get a Development Overview and define Cybersecurity Relevance

Get an overview on cybersecurity development

Cybersecurity activities are depending on each other. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how cybersecurity is integrated on each development phase. After watching this video course, you will be able to differentiate concept and development phase activities.

Determine cybersecurity relevance and ISO/SAE 21434 application

Incorporating the many requirements of ISO/SAE 21434 requires myriads of efforts and costs. With this video course you can find out whether you can save the hassle by safely determining cybersecurity relevance with the proposed analysis.

Development Overview and Cybersecurity Relevance – Video course content

I. Intro to Development Overview & Cybersecurity Relevance

In the intro you will get to know what you will learn in this video course and why it is important to your daily work.

II. Cybersecurity Development Overview

In this part of the course we will go step by step through the different phases of cybersecurity development and show what is included in each phase.

III. Cybersecurity Relevancy

In this part of the course, we will go through the methodology and criteria for deciding if a product is cybersecurity relevant or not. In addition, we highlight in detail what ISO/SAE 21434 suggests for assessing cybersecurity relevance.

IV. Sum Up

Finally, here we will sum up what you have learned about cybersecurity development and how to evaluate cybersecurity relevance.

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