Cybersecurity controls for automotive – video course

Get ISO/SAE 21434 recommendations on applicable cybersecurity controls for relevant dimensions of the automotive ecosystem

In this video course, you will learn more about relevant cybersecurity controls for automotive with a view on all the dimensions of the automotive ecosystem. By the end of the video course, you will know exactly which cybersecurity controls can be applied at each dimension of the automotive ecosystem to ensure security in the overall product.

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Recognize relevant cybersecurity controls at each dimension of the automotive ecosystem

After watching the introductory cybersecurity controls video course provided in the beginning of the cybersecurity controls chapter and understanding what cybersecurity controls are, now you can dive into the cybersecurity controls relevant for automotive.

First, we will highlight the importance of applying relevant cybersecurity controls in automotive, why all key dimensions must be secured in accordance to ISO/SAE 21434, and then follow to introduce which are the key dimensions of the automotive ecosystem.

After having introduced the key dimensions of the automotive ecosystem, we will proceed to deep dive into each of them, provide a thorough explanation for each and recommendations of applicable controls or security measures. First, we will begin by explaining the first dimension: the product line security. Then, we will continue with the backend security, clarify what backend is and then go over its relevant controls.

Finally, once there is an understanding of production line security and backend security, as prerequisites for in vehicle controls according to ISO/SAE 21434, you will learn why special automotive derivatives of typical measures and controls are required in the vehicle security dimension. What’s more, you will get an overview of examples of relevant cybersecurity controls and measures for all automotive ecosystem dimensions.

Who our Cybersecurity Controls for Automotive video course is made for

Software and hardware engineers

As you will learn in this video course, not all IT security controls can be applied in the automotive ecosystem. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the importance of cybersecurity controls for automotive, how and where in the automotive ecosystem they must be applied.

System engineers

After watching this video, you will understand the importance of a comprehensive cybersecurity architecture in the automotive cybersecurity ecosystem and how it becomes a requirement for ensuring security at the vehicle level as recommended by ISO/SAE 21434.

Cybersecurity Controls for Automotive – Video course content

I. Introduction to cybersecurity controls video course expectations

Here, we will introduce the learning objectives of this video course, what the relevance of cybersecurity controls is to the automotive ecosystem.

II. Cybersecurity controls for the automotive ecosystem

Get an overview of what other dimensions besides the vehicle need to be protected to ensure the product is secure.

III. Production line security

Understand the importance of protecting the product in this dimension, what it may consist of, recommendations cybersecurity controls in vehicle production, including ISO/SAE 21434.

IV. Backend security

Learn why the backend also needs to be secure in this section and how this can be achieved with applicable controls and other requirements.

V. Vehicle product security

Get an understanding of what the requirements to ensure security at the vehicle level are and an overview of examples of additional embedded automotive cybersecurity solutions.

VI. Automotive cybersecurity controls – Outro

Finally, we will round up the main lessons learned during this video course in this section.

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Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations