Automotive hacking

In this Automotive Hacking video course, you will get an overview of the most known cyber-attacks in the automotive sector over the most recent years. Thereby, you will learn how the hackers were able to exploit vulnerabilities and why cybersecurity is an investment that can no longer be ignored.

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Learn about the rise of automotive hacking in the vehicle industry and why cybersecurity is a necessary investment

As vehicles became increasingly connected over the last decade, the automotive industry has become an interesting target for attackers. Automotive hacks have already become a reality and the number of attack vectors are only increasing as vehicles get more digitized, triggering more devastating consequences for companies and individuals.

The first thing that must be done to take the increase of automotive hacks seriously across organizations is to build the sufficient cybersecurity awareness. Therefore, we will take a first look at the automotive hacks that have already taken place over the previous years and how exactly they originated in the first place.

Secondly, we will go over the financial impact of cybersecurity breaches in the automotive industry to give you a first understanding of why investing in cybersecurity outprices the financial loss of a cyberattack.

Finally, you will get an overview of inhibitors of cybersecurity as well as the role of cybersecurity as a business enabler for companies who implement it correctly.

Who the Automotive Hacking video course is made for

All professionals along the organization

Building awareness of automotive hacks is the first step to develop a cybersecurity culture. When automotive hacking takes place, it affects everyone in the organization. Therefore, watching this video course enables a common understanding on the importance of implementing cybersecurity.

All professionals ensuring cybersecurity

Learn how attackers were able to access and exploit vulnerabilities in past events to get a real-world perspective on attack vectors. Moreover, you will learn to argue why investing in cybersecurity is essential to avoid financial losses caused by cyber attacks.

Automotive hacking – Video course content

I. Intro to Automotive Hacking video course

At first, we will introduce you to the learning objectives of this video course and why it is relevant for you and your organization.

II. Automotive hacks increasing significance in the automotive sector

Get a first overview on how automotive hacks have gained significance across the industry and the consequences.

III. Automotive hacking timeline

Here you will learn about the most known automotive hacks that have affected major global OEMs over the last decade and how exactly were attackers able to gain access and manipulate the vehicles.

IV. The value at risk from cybercrime and its costs

Understand the motives behind the increasing interest in the automotive industry as a target for hackers, what is at risk and why it is so valuable.

V. Costs vs. investments

Learn what are the current costs of breaches in the automotive industry and why investing in cybersecurity is worth it in a side-to-side costs vs investments comparison.

VI. Enablers and inhibitors of cybersecurity

Get the background information as to why cybersecurity has not been yet implemented in companies. In contrast, learn why nevertheless, investing in cybersecurity is a business enabler.

VII. Summary and Outro

Get a recap on what you have learned from this 16 minute video course and concluding takeaways.

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Essential Guide

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