Planning Cybersecurity in Projects: Get to know Cybersecurity Case and Plan


Planning cybersecurity activities is a critical success factor for E/E development projects (see also Clause 6 of ISO/SAE 21434). While the ISO standard intentionally does not provide clear guidance, this video course aims to concretize the procedure for planning around cybersecurity, showing an exemplary structure of a cybersecurity plan and a cybersecurity case.

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Planning of cybersecurity in project video course

Learn about cybersecurity planning during projects and prove your products are cybersecure with a Cybersecurity Case

What cybersecurity activities should look like for an automotive development project according to the ISO/SAE 21434? How can we prove a product is cybersecure? In this video course we answer those questions by presenting the Cybersecurity Plan and the Cybersecurity Case.

First and foremost, you will get a detailed explanation on what are the expectations of the ISO/SAE 21434 regarding the planning cybersecurity activities to achieve compliance.

Thereafter, you will recognize the importance of having a cybersecurity plan to establish a common understanding on how cybersecurity is handled in the cybersecurity context.

In addition, since the standard does not provide guidance on how to establish a plan, we will present an exemplary plan including the overall structure in detail. At this point, you will understand why cybersecurity should not be considered separately from the project management on development projects.

Finally, we will introduce the cybersecurity case and go over its significance for the entire development project. An exemplary cybersecurity case will also be presented.

Please note: This video is based on content from ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering.

Who the Cybersecurity Planning in Projects video course is for

Learn what should be included in a cybersecurity plan

Apart from being a requirement from ISO/SAE 21434, the cybersecurity plan sets a common understanding of the cybersecurity activities during the project. In this video course we will explain the standard’s expectations and go over the details of which topics should be addressed on the cybersecurity plan.

Understand the cruciality of a cybersecurity case

The cybersecurity case is not just necessary to prove your product is cybersecure as required by the ISO/SAE 21434, but is also an essential document for the future. You will learn why the cybersecurity case is crucial in the case incidents arise and the importance of updating it along each lifecycle phase even after the end of production.

Cybersecurity Planning in Projects and Cybersecurity Case – Video course content

I. Intro to Cybersecurity Planning

Get into the key aspects and relevant documents for planning cybersecurity activities for a project – as required by ISO/SAE 21434 for all future E/E development projects.

II. Importance of planning cybersecurity activities

Learn about the importance of the Cybersecurity Plan and the Cybersecurity Case.

III. What is required for cybersecurity planning and the cybersecurity plan?

Here you will learn about the prerequisite for cybersecurity planning along ISO/SAE 21434, the details of the cybersecurity planning process and the Cybersecurity Plan.

IV. Exemplary structure of a Cybersecurity Plan + the Cybersecurity Case

All the elements that a Cybersecurity Plan should contain are presented. You will also get a detailed explanation of the Cybersecurity Case as evidence for a secure product.

V. Sum Up

Get a recap on what we have learned on the Cybersecurity Plan and Cybersecurity Case.

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