We help our clients establish automotive cybersecurity for a new era

Today, cybersecurity is considered an integral part of every product lifecycle, whether in networked systems, embedded systems or IoT. CYRES Consulting is a valued partner for the strategic integration and operational implementation of cybersecurity on organizational and project level. In addition to individual consulting, the CYRES Academy offers a wide range of cybersecurity trainings for engineers, developers, managers and other relevant business units.

CYRES Consulting

The entire automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges with ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering (and other standards and regulations already in effect) to know, understand, and correctly implement the new requirements around cybersecurity in vehicles.

In addition to official documents, this requires practical know-how: from the experts for the practitioners.

The new publication is designed to simplify practical work with the most important automotive cybersecurity standard and will be the world’s first ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Workbook officially licensed by ISO. It will include:

  • all work products (and corresponding requirements, recommendations and permissions) of ISO/SAE 21434:2021 (“First Edition”)
  • Field-tested templates for key work products, such as TARA, Cybersecurity Plan, Item Definition, CIA, and more
  • Expert interviews, background information, explanations with a practical perspective across the automotive value chain

The publication will be available worldwide as a digital workbook (ebook / PDF). Sign up here to get more information on the ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Workbook and release updates.

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CYRES = CYber Resilient Embedded Systems

We ensure that complex embedded systems are designed securely from the word go. This includes, for example, all control units in vehicles or controllers in medical devices. And by secure we mean: resilient against cyber attacks by hackers.

Are you developing tomorrow’s technology? Data-based, networked, intelligent? For the automotive sector, medical technology, or other industries? Then you are faced with a crucial question: How do you sufficiently protect your product the best way from cyber threats?

The answer: With the right partner. CYRES Consulting. We establish cybersecurity in your value chain. Together with you, right from the start. Cybersecurity for your product (throughout the entire lifecycle), your teams and your organizational structures.

Embedded Systems

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.

Nobody knows exactly what these attacks will look like. But we can predict them with some certainty. And integrate this knowledge into your technologies. Thanks to predictive data analysis and artificial intelligence. This way, we can prepare your systems for everything to be expected, but also for many unexpected things.

Embedded security. Embedded partnership.

No, we’re not just the next IT security experts. We are experts in embedded systems – which have their very own technical, political, and ethical challenges. But above all, we are your partner. We’re analysts, developers, consultants, or coaches. You decide which role(s) we should take on. In any case, you’ll benefit from our unparalleled expertise.

Our consulting


Together with you, we examine the potential threats to your systems, the severity of their impact, and the probability of their occurrence.


On the basis of comprehensive data analyses, we help you to determine attack scenarios and subject your systems to realistic testing.


Depending on the type and number of vulnerabilities, protective measures are defined, prioritized, programmed, and implemented.


With the help of data science, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we make your systems look ahead – literally.


We help you to set up your cyber security organization, your cyber security strategy, and a professional cyber security process.


In our seminars and workshops, you will learn how to identify the risks of a cyber attack against your products – and how to develop countermeasures.


The CYRES Academy stands for effective and practice-validated cybersecurity trainings for different target groups in the organization. Automotive cybersecurity trainings are a available as a presence event in the Munich Highlight-Towers, in your organization or as on-demand.

What’s the Academy?

Partners and Memberships

Let’s talk about your system. No strings attached.

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Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations

Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations