Cybersecurity Testing And Validation Video Training Courses

CHAPTER 09 Cybersecurity testing and validation

Throughout the Chapter 09 Cybersecurity testing and validation training video courses, you will learn about cybersecurity verification and validation, as well as cybersecurity testing methods for automotive cybersecurity.

In the first video course of this module, we will define cybersecurity verification and validation and highlight their differences as both are required by ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155. You will also get an overview of V&V methods, besides testing. Not only will you learn about available methods, but also which traditional methods in V&V can be merged with specific cybersecurity V&V methods to adapt them for automotive cybersecurity. Moreover, you will get to know the contents of a V&V strategy.

After you get a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity verification and validation, we will go deep into cybersecurity testing methods in the next video course. Thereby, you will learn exactly what cybersecurity testing is and how requirements, testing planning, and workflow in testing. Most importantly, you will learn the specifics on Functional cybersecurity testing, Automotive vulnerability scanning, Automotive fuzz testing, and Automotive penetration testing. Additionally, you will discover tools for cybersecurity testing that are widely used in the automotive industry.

After watching all Cybersecurity Testing and Validation video courses, you will know exactly how you can conduct cybersecurity testing with proven methods and comply with ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155.

Who our Cybersecurity Testing and Validation Courses is Made for:

For developers in automotive cybersecurity

Cybersecurity testing and validation activities are essential to ensure that indeed the systems are components meet cybersecurity requirements. Having a systematic approach is essential for success here. Therefore, the video courses contained in this module are extremely helpful to ensure proper cybersecurity testing is done.

For all project engineers involved in automotive cybersecurity

As professional responsible for driving costs, planning activities, and forecasting, it is essential to understand the importance of including cybersecurity in verification and validation activities. Thus, the cybersecurity testing and validation courses provide a good starting point for planning testing and choosing the right cybersecurity testing methods.

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Essential Guide

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