The Impact of Cybersecurity on Vehicle Product Lifecycle – Video Course


When it comes to cybersecurity in the automotive industry, what is actually meant? What does it involve? This video course shows the far-reaching impact of cybersecurity on the vehicle product lifecycle in detail along all phases of the lifecycle. Learn about the key challenges and activities around cybersecurity.

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cyber security in vehicle product life cycle

Expand your understanding of Cybersecurity on Vehicle Product Lifecycle: with this video course

Regardless of whether you are already involved in automotive product development or want to expand your knowledge around automotive cybersecurity in general at this point: in the video course “The Impact of Cybersecurity on the Vehicle Product Lifecycle”, you will learn about the multifaceted aspects of cybersecurity that come up in all phases of the product lifecycle.

You will first learn about the five different phases that make up the product lifecycle of a vehicle.

Then, along each phase, we will show various examples of cybersecurity-related vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses. In doing so, you will understand that cybersecurity must be adequately addressed in each phase.

Finally, you will learn somewhat detailed concrete cybersecurity activities for the successful implementation of cybersecurity in the vehicle product lifecycle. You will see: these activities must be properly ensured throughout the product lifecycle and for each phase, as they are largely interdependent. This is the only way to ensure cybersecurity along the entire vehicle product lifecycle.

Get a full understanding of the Impact of Cybersecurity on Vehicle Product Lifecycle

Jump in and enhance the view: with the overall picture of the development project

Looking at the vehicle product lifecycle model allows us to provide a comprehensive view of how each phase in the automotive product lifecycle is of particular relevance from a cybersecurity perspective. To get started or to dare to look beyond your own desk, this video course is a good introduction into the versatility of cybersecurity activities.

A look at neighboring disciplines: expanding your understanding of cybersecurity

Are you already a specialist in one or another discipline within the value chain around an automotive development project? Then you know: You are not alone, the direct and indirect interfaces are increasing. This video course offers you the opportunity to deal with versatile cybersecurity aspects along the Vehicle Product Lifecycle.

The Impact of Cybersecurity on Vehicle Product Lifecycle – Video course content

I. Impact of Cybersecurity on Product Lifecycle Intro

Fasten your seat belt and let’s get started. In the intro you will get to know what you will learn in this video course which covers the impact of cybersecurity on the Product Lifecycle.

II. Importance of understanding the impact of Cybersecurity on the product lifecycle

Here we will go over why understanding the impact of cybersecurity on the product lifecycle is important for you anyone involved in developing automobile products.

III. Product Lifecycle Model

Let’s discuss what are the phases in a product lifecycle and simply show what a product lifecycle model consists of.

IV. The Product Lifecycle Model in Cybersecurity

Here we will bring the product lifecycle model into the context of cybersecurity by giving examples of potential vulnerabilities a product might be at risk of.

V. Cybersecurity activities across the lifecycle

In this part we will discuss what are the cybersecurity activities across the product lifecycle and the different ways to make sure that the product becomes more secure.

VI. Sum Up

In this video we will clarify what are the most important things to keep in mind from what’s learned in this course.

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Essential Guide

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