AUTOSAR for Cyber security video course

Learn why complying with AUTOSAR is a business enabler for your organization

In this video course, you will learn about how AUTOSAR can be used for cybersecurity in vehicles. Applying AUTOSAR will not only enable your organization to reuse software modules, save time and costs in development, but is also the ideal technological answer to the UN Regulations on automotive cybersecurity and software updates. Learn the difference between Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR and how to ensure application.

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Learn why you should follow AUTOSAR cybersecurity standards and platforms

Ever since the first electronic control unit found its way into the car, the number of electronic control units in vehicles increased at an exponential rate, the integration of components from different manufacturers and compatibility issues became a major challenge. In order to ensure integration of components in distributed development without compatibility issues, AUTOSAR was introduced. In this video course “AUTOSAR Cybersecurity”, we will explain what AUTOSAR is and how it affects development in the automotive industry.

First, we will present a brief history of why and how AUTOSAR was created. Additionally, we will mention who are the key AUTOSAR partners establishing expertise in the automotive industry and the key principles AUTOSAR is based on.

Next, in a side-to-side comparison, we will go over the differences between the classic platform and the adaptive AUTOSAR platforms.

Additionally, we will go over the seven different security modules that AUTOSAR offers and indicate which platform offers each of the security modules.

At last, you will learn how to apply AUTOSAR and ensure secure electrical and electronic architecture and how its security modules help improve vehicle cybersecurity.

Who our AUTOSAR for Cyber security video course is made for

Professionals involved in ensuring quality

As AUTOSAR is the standardized tool chain that guides and assists secure electrical and electronic architecture in vehicle development, it is on your best interest to learn why it is relevant for your role and how it can be applied to avoid unnecessary monetary loss in compatibility issues in the future.

System engineers and software developers

Learning how to apply AUTOSAR standardized approaches will enable you to improve quality and efficiency through software reuse and be an asset for your daily work. Moreover, you will learn how Adaptive AUTOSAR provides pillars for advanced autonomous driving and how it can coexist and complement its classic counterpart.

AUTOSAR for Cyber security – Video course content

I. AUTOSAR – A brief history

See which key moments catalyzed the introduction of AUTOSAR and why it was created in an illustrative timeline.

II. AUTOSAR – An overview

Understand what AUTOSAR stands for, its mission, and who are the core partners consolidating the expertise in the automotive industry.

III. Key principles of AUTOSAR software framework

Learn what is the key principle of the AUTOSAR software framework and what are the benefits of the standardized methodology and software.

IV. AUTOSAR software platforms – A comparison

Get a deeper understanding on the major differences between the two major software platforms or architecture formats: Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR

V. AUTOSAR software platforms – Summary

In this part, you will learn why the Adaptive platform offers pillars for advanced autonomous driving and why it will not replace its Classic counterpart, but rather complement it.

VI. AUTOSAR – Security modules

Here, we will go over the seven security modules AUTOSAR offers can be used to ensure only trusted software is executed in the vehicle.

VII. Security modules in Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR

Learn in a side-by-side comparison which security modules are offered for both Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR platform.

VIII. How to apply AUTOSAR cybersecurity?

Learn what are the decisive factors to ensure a successful AUTOSAR cybersecurity application, regardless of the chosen platform for a project.

IX. What if there is no AUTOSAR?

Recognize the importance of using AUTOSAR and negative impact in the absence of its security modules.

X. Summary and Outro

At last, we will go over the major lessons learned over the last 14 minutes and present some concluding statements.

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