Secure Hardware Implementation in Vehicles

Learn about Secure Hardware Implementation and available solutions

In this short 10-minute video course, you will become familiar with the topic of Secure Hardware Implementation. Not only will you get to know the most common available solutions used to implement secure hardware, but also earn to choose the appropriate solution according to required functionalities.

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Ensure a secure physical foundation for cybersecurity with Secure Hardware Implementation

As briefly introduced in this video course, secure hardware implementation is the foundation of cybersecurity of a vehicle. Therefore, this concept is of utmost importance to ensure hardware is securely and correctly implemented. In this video course, you will get familiar with this concept, learn about its purpose, and what are some available solutions.

First, we will define the concept of secure hardware and explain some of its purposes, which while providing some quick examples.

Once the basic concept of secure hardware is understood, we will go on to introduce some examples of specific threats hardware needs to be secured from and briefly explain what they consist of.

After presenting the most common threats, you will learn about the “Root of trust”, as the foundation of secure interaction among components. Here, we will go over some important factors to consider, especially when it comes to manufacturer selection of the specific component. Then, we will go over other main purposes involving cryptography and other development ports.

Next, best practices on secure hardware design and implementation will be provided. You will get to know for instance, specific responsibilities and important stakeholders, and which documents should be created by each team. You will also learn about hardware architecture and trust boundaries recommendations and practical examples of cybersecurity controls and tampering detection systems.

Lastly, you will get to know the industry standard solutions for secure hardware implementation: Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Trusted Platform Module (TPM). In a side to side comparison, you will learn about the differences between these components and how you can best benefit from them across different situations.

Who the “Secure Hardware Implementation” video course is made for

Cybersecurity engineers

Hardware vulnerabilities can have severe consequences on the security of a system. Cybersecurity managers should be aware of threats hardware should be protected from and know about available solutions for secure hardware implementation, as provided in this video course.

Software and system engineers

As shown in this video course, several stakeholders among different disciplines should be involved in secure hardware design and implementation. Learn what are the best practices, what should be provided by whom to ensure secure software implementation.

Secure Hardware Implementation – Video Course content

I. Secure Hardware Implementation: an introduction

In this section, you will get to know what the main learning objectives of this video course is, what what Secure Hardware implementation is, and why it is important.

II. Hardware threats

Learn about the most common secure hardware threats such as: reverse engineering, side-channel analysis, and unauthorized direct memory access.

III. Hardware functionality for cybersecurity

Become familiar with the concept of “Root of trust” and learn about its important role in component interaction and key considerations.

IV. Basic practices for Secure Hardware Implementation

How to design and implement secure hardware? This fundamental question will be answered in this section of the video course.

V. Industry standard solutions for Secure Hardware Implementation

Gain an understanding on available industry standard solutions: Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in a side to side comparison.

VI. Secure hardware implementation – Main takeaways

To finalize the video course, we will round up the key lessons learned about secure hardware and its implementation.

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