Munich Panorama View

On your own behalf: Become a pioneer for the topic as Automotive Cybersecurity Consultant in the CYRES team in Munich (or Riga)

With the rise of new connected technologies and the establishment of digital components and systems in the vehicle, addressing cybersecurity has become one of the most urgent challenges for the automotive industry. This is accompanied by a shortage of competencies and personnel on the one hand and an extraordinary opportunity for brilliant minds on the other. [...]
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UN Regulation No 155 & how to comply? What you need to know

Impact of meeting UN Regulation No. 155 requirements for type approval and start of production: What you need to know

There is always a lot of movement in the complex world of automotive industry. However, it seems that there is currently a particularly strong pioneering sentiment for everything that has to do with automotive cybersecurity. New resources are being allocated to the subject, new responsibilities are being assigned, and specialists are desperately needed everywhere. Their main job in general is... read more →
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CYRES Latest on-demand videos

Learn automotive cybersecurity: Six most important video learning courses on the CYRES Academy Learning Platform

A few weeks ago, the CYRES Academy Online Learn Platform was launched, the world's first online learning platform exclusively for practice-relevant knowledge around automotive cybersecurity. Besides automotive cybersecurity training and certifications within the ACP framework, the platform offers a growing number of video courses, on specific topics. In the following, we present the currently most frequently accessed courses. [...]
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ISO/SAE 21434:2021 is now officially published.

ISO/SAE 21434:2021 is now officially published. All info here (Update: August 2021)

ISO/SAE 21434 is considered a milestone for the automotive industry regarding cybersecurity. As of today, ISO/SAE 21434 has the new status "International Standard published". What does this mean for the industry? We provide an overview in the following article and in a upcoming info webcast for which you can register free of charge. First of all, the most important questions... read more →
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Guidelines for the development of cybersecure products for automotive

Guidelines for the development of cybersecure products for the automotive industry: How to successfully establish cybersecurity in existing development projects

All Parties involved in automotive development projects are aware of the fact that cybersecurity must be adequately implemented holistically throughout the entire development project. However, the question is: How does this succeed in practice? In this blog, we try to give an overview and provide six tangible tips for implementation in practice. [...]
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Software Update Management System

Software Update Management System, UN R156, ISO 24089 and what you need to know about cybersecurity for automotive software updates

What is SUMS? The basis for the Software Update Management System (SUMS) consists of two parts - the regulation UN R156 of the UNECE, against which requirements towards the vehicle type are tested and certified, and the international standard ISO 24089, which is an industry-developed framework. In the following you will find an overview. [...]
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ISO PAS 5112

ISO PAS 5112, the specification for auditing ISO/SAE 21434 – an up-to-date overview

Whether you are already actively researching ISO PAS 5112 Road Vehicles - Guidelines for auditing cybersecurity engineering or have not yet heard of the specification that will play a key role in auditing for ISO/SAE 21434, the following will provide you with an initial overview of ISO PAS 5112. The objective of ISO PAS 5112 is to help organizations to... read more →
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Start of the CYRES Academy Online Learn Platform

Start of the CYRES Academy Online Learn Platform: Automotive cybersecurity trainings, On-Demand Videos and more

The upcoming standards and regulations around automotive cybersecurity (first of all ISO/SAE 21434 as well as UN Regulation No. 155) challenge the entire automotive value chain to holistically understand and fully provide cybersecurity along the complete product lifecycle. And this is already happening today, with relevant regulations already in effect. [...]
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How to ensure compliance to ISO/SAE 21434?

How to ensure compliance to ISO/SAE 21434?

In February 2020, the first draft version of the international standard ISO/SAE 21434 was publicly released. It forms the basis for a common standard and a state-of-the-art reference document for automotive cybersecurity. Today, one year later, the number of questions about compliance with the standard and the appropriate auditing are increasing. [...]
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Cybersecurity product development

How to integrate cybersecurity throughout development projects in automotive?

When it comes to cybersecurity in the automotive industry, we have to face the fact that there is a rising need for it. This is not only because the car is becoming autonomous, connected, electric or shared – it is about the accelerating pace of technological innovations in all parts of the lifecycle, including the whole ecosystem and the ongoing... read more →
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    Essential Guide

    The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

    How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations

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