Learn how to include Cybersecurity in Project Management

Whether you find yourself at the planning stages of a project, improving an existing one or reminiscing on a past one, find out how important it is to consider cybersecurity in Project Management Activities and what you need to consider when planning, executing, or closing out a project. Either Project Manager or Team Member, all are key stakeholders in a project. Watch this video course now to understand how to align with cybersecurity requirements at a project level.

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cyber security in project management

Including Cybersecurity in Project Management will ensure you reach timing, cost, and quality targets

In this video, you will learn about the importance of including Cybersecurity in Project Management and how this ensures that Cybersecurity will be correctly included, as per requirement in Project Planning. Moreover, you will recognize that by including all partners along the supply chain in this planning project timing and cost targets will be reached.

In addition, by watching this video you will more closely understand what the ISO/SAE 21434 standard expects, this time on Cybersecurity Planning. From the plan creation itself, tasks assignment, to distributing development activities between different partners and managing systems themselves, this video serves as fundamental knowledge on how to include cybersecurity considerations on the managing of a project.

Additionally, this video will help you understand detailed deliverables and work products, such as the Cybersecurity Plan and the Cybersecurity Case, the Cybersecurity Interface Agreement and the impact on other traditional Project Management deliverables.

Who the Cybersecurity in Project Management video course is for

Responsibility in Supplier Development, Management and Purchasing

Are you responsible or take part in supplier selection, supplier development or supplier monitoring during the development phase and beyond?  Do you want to understand what aspects of cybersecurity need to be considered at the project level to ensure both compliance and risk avoidance later in the product’s lifecycle? By watching this video you will learn both, what to consider and which tools the standard ISO/SAE 21434 provides to achieve it.

Responsibility in Project Management and having an eye on Cybersecurity

Are you responsible for managing either entire projects or just parts of phases within? Are you interested on how including cybersecurity requirements can affect both your expected timelines and resource allocation? With this video course you will learn how cybersecurity is to be considered if you are to lead a successful project that, additionally, complies with automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations.

The Importance of Including Cybersecurity in Project Management Activities – Video course content

I. Intro of Cybersecurity Management on Project Level

Let’s all get our planning hats on. With the Intro you will learn about Cybersecurity at the Project level.

II. Importance of Cybersecurity Management on Project Level

On the next part of the video, the main benefits of including Cybersecurity Management at a Project Level will be reviewed.

III. Cybersecurity Planning

The following video will introduce the expectations of ISO/SAE 21434 on Cybersecurity Planning. Six different points that the standard expects.

IV. Cybersecurity Plan and Cybersecurity Case

In this video the two main and major documents for Cybersecurity Planning: The Cybersecurity plan and Cybersecurity Case.

V. Distributed Development

Items are usually developed by sharing responsibilities between suppliers and customers. In this video you will learn what is it they question and are interested in.

VI. Cybersecurity Interface Agreement

There are different tools to manage cybersecurity with several stakeholders with different responsibilities. The Cybersecurity Interface Agreement explained in this video will highlight this crucial deliverable.

VII.    Project Lifecycle

The life of a project, from cradle to grave, is full of different activities. Learn in this video how Cybersecurity may have an influence on each of these.

VIII.   Sum Up

In this video we will clarify what are the most important things to keep in mind from what’s learned in this course.

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Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations

Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations