At CYRES Consulting we are pre-launching the international conference Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023, hosted by Automotive IQ, with our Pre-Conference Event on November 27, 2023 in our headquarters at the Highlight Towers in Munich. Find all information about this exclusive event here. Seats are limited, book your participation now – as a part of your attendance at the conference or with a stand-alone ticket.

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Pre-Conference Event
@CYRES Consutling

Date: Nov. 27, 2023
Start: 2 pm
Location: CYRES Consulting


This event is designed to bring together thought leaders, experts, and practitioners from the industry for an enriching exchange on the topics that are currently occupying large parts of the automotive value chain:


  • Learn about the implementation of ISO/SAE 21434:2021 and UN Regulation No. 155
  • Discover solutions to current obstacles in the process in a panel discussion with experts
  • Explore the several upcoming new regulations and standards in different markets


  • Know how to provide secure software updates as required by UN Regulation No. 156 and be able to sell vehicles in UNECE member states
  • Learn how to effectively implement a Software Update Management System
  • Be ready for UN Regulation No. 156 type approval


  • Become aware of the latest trends and vulnerabilities in automotive cyber security with real world examples
  • Get strategies to manage risks and overcome evolving challenges
  • Discuss about Connected Vehicles Cyber Security, Autonomous Vehicle Security, Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates, and Supply Chain Security


  • Explore cyber security verification and validation methods, including development of pen-testing, secure over-the-air (OTA) updates testing and vulnerabilities.
  • Methods to verify and validate software function for cyber security.
  • Understand how to guarantee and provide assurance for SOTIF, ISO, and other standards.
  • Learn about new validation solutions for automotive cyber security.


  • Understand the importance of supplier management in cyber security, assessing supplier compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulations.
  • Learn what potential cybersecurity risks are introduced by suppliers throughout the supply chain.
  • Explore strategies for identifying, addressing and conducting risk assessments cross the supply chain.
  • Debating how OEM/Supplier relationships will evolve wheneverything is open-source.



The idea of the CYRES Consulting Pre-Conference Event is to provide a condensed overview of the most important automotive cybersecurity topics of today and tomorrow. No promotional presentations, but real substantive discussion of the topics – from an industry perspective. The different formats (presentations, panel discussions and interactive discussions) are designed to provide the best possible input to the audience.

Below is the (constantly updated) preliminary content of the topics that will be covered on the Pre-Conference Event. Speakers/organizations from the OEM/Tier-N Suppliers side will be added very soon.

Presentation by Bosch


As the automotive industry continues to advance in technologies and connectivity, it becomes critical to understand the core principles that strengthen effective cybersecurity strategies. This session will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of these principles with experts sharing practical knowledge to protect against cyber threats.

Panel discussion by Bosch, JLR, and Continental


This panel discussion focuses on the status of the implementation of ISO/SAE 21434 and UN Regulation No. 155 for organizations along the automotive value chain. Hear experts debate and find solutions to overcome obstacles and experiences encountered during the process. The panel will also focus on the continuous improvement of the organizational maturity in the context of upcoming new and revised regulations and standards in the different markets.



As a car manufacturer, providing software updates to vehicles you need to to comply to the UN R156 and establish a SUMS to sell vehicles in UNECE member states. This presentation will demonstrate how to cost effectively implement a SUMS and prepare for UN R156 type approval.

Panel discussion + Presentation by CYRES Consulting


Join these interactive round table discussions and engage with leading Cyber Security experts on the latest threats and vulnerabilities in automotive cyber security, bringing your real-world examples, sharing insights, and offer strategies for solving these evolving challenges.

Participants will select the roundtable discussion of their choice and have the opportunity to rotate to another two roundtables during this dialogue:

  • Connected Vehicles Cyber Security
  • Autonomous Vehicle Security
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates
  • Supply Chain Security

Presentation by Continental


This section of the event will delve into the critical realm of cybersecurity verification and validation methods. Participants will gain insights into the development of penetration testing, secure OTA updates testing, and vulnerability assessment.

The focus will be on ensuring software functions are fortified against cyber threats and that standards like SOTIF and ISO are rigorously adhered to, providing assurance and compliance. Moreover, attendees will explore the latest validation solutions tailored specifically for automotive cybersecurity, staying up-to-date with industry advancements and the evolving threat landscape.

Panel discussion by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi


Join this OEM and Tier-1 led panel session as it focuses on the critical aspect of cyber security in supplier management and discuss the importance of establishing a robust cyber security practice to reduce supply chain risks across the industry.

  • Understand the importance of supplier management in cyber security, assessing supplier compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulations.
  • Learn what potential cybersecurity risks are introduced by suppliers throughout the supply chain.
  • Explore strategies for identifying, addressing and conducting risk assessments cross the supply chain.
  • Debating how OEM/Supplier relationships will evolve when everything is open-source.



Anyone who has attended many trade shows and conferences in the automotive and cybersecurity sectors knows: Away from the very official agenda, you get a lot of extremely valuable impetus. It is the in-depth discussions, the pointed professional exchange and the dialog-oriented presentation formats in which truly new insights emerge. This is exactly what the Pre-Conference Event at CYRES Consulting within the Automotive Cybersecurity Europe Conference 2023 is supposed to offer you.

Inspiration and in-depth education

Inspiration and in-depth education

Complementing the presentations on the following two days of the conference, the Pre-Conference Event program is designed to provide truly in-depth engagement, inspiration and best practice insights with four high-level presentations from the industry (OEM/Tier-1) and more.

We don't want to call it “competition analysis”

We don't want to call it “competition analysis”

Especially when it comes to questions about the status and progress of cybersecurity requirements, the open exchange with market peers is worth its weight in gold. Where are others, where do we need to go? It is these important and confidential conversations and related insights that CYRES Consulting’s Pre-Event Conference Day is designed to foster.

Professional exchange and networking

Professional exchange and networking

Networking at our Pre-Conference Event, that’s not just small talk at the buffet: rather, there are opportunities to talk with experts and industry colleagues to directly address specific challenges and your own issues.

Preparing for the conference

Preparing for the conference

If you are already taking time to attend Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023 in Munich, the purpose is to provide you with the best possible added value. The Pre-Conference Event is the ideal opportunity to identify discussion partners, get an overview of topics, and formulate specific questions.

In addition to global stops in Asia and the USA, the conference format celebrated a successful European debut in 2022. Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023 will return this year to Munich, Germany. This year, the three- and four-day international conference on cybersecurity in the automotive industry will take place from November 27 to 30, 2023. While the conference will be held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich, the Pre-Conference Event will start on November 27, 2023 after lunch at 2:00 pm at CYRES Consulting in the exclusive event space on the 27th floor of Highlight Towers Munich.

Good to know: The Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023 Conference will be held in parallel with Automotive Connected Vehicles Europe 2023 and Automotive Software Defined Vehicles Europe 2023.

Please note: The booking of the participation in the Pre-Conference event (see below) can be done independently from the participation in the conference. The booking of the Pre-Conference Event also takes place exclusively via the official conference page: Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Pre-Conference Event take place, what is included and how can I register?

The Pre-Conference Event for the official Automotive Cybersecurity Europe Conference 2023 will take place on Monday, November 27, 2023 in the event space of CYRES Consulting on the 27th floor of Highlight Towers Munich. In addition to an attractive content program, food and beverages are included. The event starts at 2:00 pm and continues into the evening hours. Registration information can be found at the bottom of this page.

I already have a ticket for Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023, what now?

If you already have a ticket for the conference, please check carefully if the Pre-Event Conference Day (possibly also called  “Off-Site Event on November 27, 2023”) is part of your chosen ticket option (3-DAY-PASS). If not, please contact your Automotive IQ/IQPC colleagues directly to arrange an adjustment to your booking.

I am already a client/interested party of CYRES Consulting. Do I receive any discounts?

Good news: Although we calculate with a high demand and limited capacities, we were able to reserve a contingent of tickets for our clients/interested parties with partly significant discounts; For this, please contact directly your known contact person at CYRES Consulting.

When is the registration deadline for the event?

At this time, we plan to keep registration open until the actual event on November 27, 2023. Please note that we recommend early registration/booking as capacity is limited and booking opportunities could end at any time.

Why is the booking handled via the Automotive IQ / IQPC website?

The participation in the Pre-Event-Conference-Day of CYRES Consulting can be booked together, but also independently from the participation in the actual conference. In both cases, booking via the central event platform of the Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023 conference hosted by Automotive IQ/IQPC is required.

What are the possibilities for discounts for teams/companies with more people?

Please contact us directly for possible discounts for smaller teams. Usually we can realize discounts (from 2 persons from one organization/company).

Is the event also going to be accessible virtually / streamed online?

The globally renowned Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023 conference and Pre-Conference Day are an exclusive on-site/live event format only. We ask for your understanding in this regard. Nevertheless, speakers usually make their shown presentations of lectures and workshops available to the participants afterwards.

I have another question that is not listed here.

Please write our event team directly for this purpose via


Book now your participation in the

Pre-Conference Event

on November 27, 2023

as part of Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023

There are two options for your registration at the event, outlined here:

  1. Book your participation only in the Pre-Conference Event (also called “CYRES CONSULTING OFF-SITE EVENT”) at the regular price of 599 EUR net.
  2. Register for both the Pre-Conference Event and the Conference (for this you need at least a 3-DAY-PASS) at the regular price starting at 3,149 EUR net.

All booking options can be found in the pricing overview of the conference organizer Automotive-IQ/IQPC on the conference website here: Automotive Cybersecurity Europe 2023

Please note: As a Premium Event Partner we can offer you as a client or interested party of CYRES Consulting extensive discounts on the regular price of net EUR 599.

Please contact our colleagues you know or send us a message.


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Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations

Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to ISO/SAE 21434

How to manage the challenges of the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations